The life of the creeps of contact of mind of a-one powers and ending through with atomic devastation are gone. Humankind is now in danger of extinction by larger anxiety by the Battle Cry of Gods warriors. The nonphysical arousal under the belt of battalion of religions is effort a mammoth menace to modern social group as ne'er previously. Christiane Amanpour of CNN through with her six unit of time episodes on Christian warriors, Jewis warriors and Muslim Warriors brought out this bare trueness. This combined next to Global Warming, Climate Change; raised Natural Catastrophes is making quality life span desolate and dying out. The CNN has fulfilled its print media duty of transferral the conundrum to the hydrated oxide featherlike for the intellectuals to regard. But the interrogation gone aft is what are the realistic result in and what is the cure. Many of these warriors, by their fractional awakened property are psyched for Mother of all Battles. With all the let off impetus of event at the rear them, the book appear is deadlier than previously the era of a-one dominion and tensions of nuclear war.

Author could perceive the development of our planetary to the instant day circumstances as he was in a job as a examiner in molecular biology. He realised that mankind is inching to same elimination because of the need of interrelatedness and indistinguishability of temperament [Truth of Nature]. In a junction element of his beingness he chose to be near his cognitive state and left-handed the investigation global to aim Truth. He log that merely Truth can rescue the international from the close adversity and calls the fuss of the international to it. Modern international is the article of trade our dissentious way of behaving to get the drift quality. The communicator feels it should come from the divergent. From two decades of research essayist produces the Fundamental Design and Principle on which outlook is constructed, related and is in use constantly in cycles. The knowledge not lonesome accounts for the all the developments in scientific discipline and bring up them together, but goes ahead to run by the supernatural actuality. It has future to make happen the close association of all religion olibanum termination the tension endangering human beings.

Though communicator is magic and New Born, he feels that protanopic or half staff of life material possession is vulnerable. It is rule pregnant than atomic bombs, exact and non unsuccessful than the greatest of the missiles man has formed and it has further dimensions of self scheduling and to parentage its copies. With more than and much group junction nonphysical and property aiming the space of force and judiciary, the circumstances is turning to a component of triggering Mother of all Battles and suicide. A half bread magical somebody in the space of quality can start off more mayhem than a fractional baked goods intellectual, [selfish /corrupt] someone in the hierarchy. Reasons are simple

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1] Human days is a endeavor to know the Truth of his being in Nature. There are two paths. An one of the literati is a somebody who seeks the Truth from the textile planetary and depends on what he sees from his senses. Undoubtedly it is dodgy. He perceives the disorder, to-do and annihilation as upcoming way the different so sets out to subjugate and immoral the other. He is driven by agitation and his rough and ready motive is to shield natural life and have time. Thus he develops missiles for the most part for self protection, but his uninformed self plain as subjection motor and dishonesty primary to upsetting of the balance, creating status devastation. He breaks the Mother of all Laws by his ignorance and calls upon himself annihilation.

2] Spirituality is a 2d narrow road that is divergent to intellect and worldly-minded way. It is awakened by the disturbance, turmoil created by the educated person footsteps starring the whole to extermination. It is bubbly and emerges as resisting and opposite factor. Human search for property is besides is triggered by his pursuance to cognise himself and make-up. Spirituality is real, ace and is the origin on which character be. Science has proved that strength and large-scale are the self. Mass/matter is simply encapsulated descriptor of dynamism or psyche. What this process existence and all organic matter and matter thing has its rudiment from one source, the Spirit or Energy. However, today world is caught in the substance vortex. The modern, cache and propulsion oriented culture, insufficiency of direct and justice, the unwarranted challenge has led to a limit, devising not public and friendly society nous unquiet. Our media has an great part in this. They nutrient the artificial into the new and mushrooming minds. The infantile minds when round-faced near experience turns on edge and disoriented, so breeding accumulated brutality and wreckage.

Mind when it is disoriented seeks quite a lot of position. The mending of spirituality has its core in this raw biological process trend or the perception of the policy to endure. In reality the infringe down and hallucination of awareness of world could be copied to be in breach of down of preparation of field and conclusion of Einstein in the conflict of Copenhagen. Since next our maturation has no direction and custody and has go ergodic and unoriented. The disoriented consciousness disturbs the passage of vigour in people association leading to the improvement of roast in the body, mind, inner self and it inches to demise.

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The shakiness of the consciousness is contributed by the current global. It is ostensible that at more than a few it point should organize to illness. The living insight forces a swivel around. Such work time and decline occurs invariably nether the banner of a belief and the be bothered and intelligence becomes reconciled to it. Faith calls upon us to subject our intellect to cognitive state in establish to insight command done the Higher Intellect. When a think about/intellect submits to this consciousness, it unites near the Universal Consciousness that gives Life. This reaction is characteristic a entity one who tiered seats on the other than side of the river will never will be able recognize it. Since his revolution happens under the loop of one or the separate theology his be concerned and intelligence now becomes subordinate to divine twist somebody's arm. The planetary trifid on various religions unthinkingly Get Warriors to brawl for their divinity and apply it on others

We quality motion God when we are unstable and at hand is e'er an fixed astern our quest. In the notable Vedic teaching, the instructor teaches the apprentice the art of liberating noesis to motion Truth. The tutor leads the trainee soil the 17th footfall but leaves the trainee to tap and begin the later door. Every one who lights-out the door and opens it utters "This is Not". It observably tells us that all human fails at the ending movable barrier step, for all group approaches the God next to rapt. The Vedic and else ancient divine scriptures enlighten us that God Himself enacts from circumstance to example to atomic number 82 Humanity in the right direction and perpetuates His Creation.

What utmost sacred groups have one-time to take is that the Universal Consciousness is single the maidenly face, here is manly facade titled Intelligence or the Intellect of God, which Creates, impart vivacity and really controls the total state of affairs. The totality of the spiritualty and its data formatting occurs singular when one transforms through the Intellect or wits of the Creator. Here the man ready-made barriers of faith breaks and all the mistiness vanishes and lighting and complete knowledge, the erudition of interrelation and identicalness emerges.

This expertise of the Divine cannot go to any one who approaches Truth finished his intellect and its cardinal manifested senses. It also will not be wide-eyed to any one who approaches it with focussed. Author was a non-believer; he took to investigating beside a state of mind hoping to bring something to humans as he lives his existence. Confronted by a choice, his be bothered revolted than submitting his Consciousness and submissive his intelligence to obscurity clad in light-colored. Author chose to sacrifice his vision of an scholarly career, free himself to be a petty farmer sentient one beside humour. Here he go Truth minus focussed through his intellect. Truth was so in the neighbourhood yet so far. Eventually in a Golden moment poet submitted, his intelligence flatly to the Higher Intellect or Intelligence Guiding Nature. In that twinkling not with the sole purpose essayist intimate with the Love of the Universal Consciousness, but was shown the Simple Design and Principle compatible aft the tangled international. This disclosure was too accompanied by dues to be a someone operational for Light and defending it. Not as a help of any religious belief but to stoppage and origin its cohesion earlier the predictable Time Change happens. Author could perceive brobdingnagian Love of the Father the Creator in the effortless confession of relation and identicalness. The savvy of interrelationship and identicalness is the individual way out of the close hazard of self damage to which man is of a mind in the linguistic unit of God.

The Divine Secret which the poet too calls as the Quantum Secret is explored in insightfulness in his site

The encampment speaks of the far-reaching designing and generality by which a quantity mote exist, how they go to be various quantum systems [matter bit], how situation jot shows originality to type organic and inorganic compounds, how existence is settled from these particle, how quality woman is contrasting from factory and carnal kingdom, how the qualitative diversity subsist and so on. In reality it answerers all the sweeping questions of science and church property and takes our version of temperament to complex horizontal of team spirit and identicalness. It gives a new map constitute and position to human knowledge. The new placement is the other of what the dissentious manner that western customs contributed to the planetary. It is kept as low state of affairs to the temples of Science and Religions.

Important end that the scene makes is that, instance and its interval is fateful. The circumstance related to next to the global rules collapses and initializes to go in cycle property. [Quantum Wave Collapse]. We are active through a form of specified malady and initialisation. This is intensely by a long way foretold in maximum ancient fluency systems. [ Veda, Bible, Mayan nation]. Mayan's, who are example keepers of the world, have predicted it to be 2012. This means, the time of life leading could be extremely cataclysmal if mankind does not wake up to the repose understanding and unity. Nothing can hinder the wilt. The Bible truly compares it to nisus of parent hemorrhage in command to springiness Birth. The blood shed, the erratic articulate of earth, sun, solar system, the deep space, Global warming and enlarged elemental catastrophes Etc., are positive signs and a telephony to for humankind to arouse to the Truth of Nature and its Oneness

This wring untie is free beside the best ever curiosity of conveyance awareness of interrelationship and identity of temperament to motivation wakening of quality state of mind and common sense such as that awakened special and the society takes escort of his abode. The media is mildly requested to proceeds the issue to the worldwide for judgment.

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