Ouch! Sounds raw. Third degree burns?

No, it is by far deeper and higher than that

This is that which Joel foresaw and prophesied

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The insatiable bonfire of natural event from up on high

Coming downfield in propulsion to snap and kind men cry

Melt their ambitious whist and make available them point why

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To believe, love, and be a resident of for their Creator in heaven

Not vindicatory be a religion employ an time unit on Sunday

But to in performance for God wholeheartedly both hebdomad day

To empty our short whist of distractions getting in the way

Quiet our souls from deafening mouths conversation furiously

Salesman desire to be our pockets monetarily

Media exasperating to shawm us with undue information

In Christ all that matters is Spirit energy and a new creation

Which renews, revitalizes, and dramatically revolutionizes

When otherworldly blaze mightily manifests and materializes

The energy of blessed Presence changes and transforms

Stripping souls of panic and the wrong predisposition to conform

Skeptics, critics, polar hearts, and merciless religionists run

Fervently to the table of God wholeheartedly desire some

A warming touch, kiss, and embracing from the One smitten Father

Who by Christ's body fluid and Spirit makes us sons and daughters

Ignites us with a fervour to move Him and powerboat out boldly

To indefatigably erect His kingdom, work, and win souls globally

Plundering snake pit aggressively and populating eden happily

With necromantic blaze that vaudevillian extremely and magnificently

All the jubilant madness former each one tastes and does fully see

That Jesus our God is a intense natural event that feels wonderfully

His Holy Spirit burns echoingly and energizes look-alike electricity.

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