One of the peak surprising stories in the region of the sanctuary afforded by angels comes from the archeozoic days of the First World War. Fact or fiction? Now you can referee for yourself.

Although we mankind have a person-to-person guardian angel, once dire state of affairs arise, a superior gel of being, named an archangel, can be named upon to activity.

It is said that archangels have a direct column to Jesus and it for certain seemed that way on August 23rd 1914, right xix life into World War One. This was the British army's archetypical conflict next to the German armed service and , similar noticeably of the warfare in that war, took situation in Belgium close by a municipality that will e'er be synonymous next to works of angels - Mons.

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The British troops, whilst marching to mix up with the Fifth French forces, came intersectant the full 38 divisions of the German First Army. Being singular 70,000 men, the British were irredeemably outnumbered. But the British were extraordinarily practiced at fast firing of guns and reloading of their rifles and inflicted a notably unequal digit of casualities on the Germans. Against all the odds, the British managed to disagree the massive German First Army to a dead end and build a military science backdown. This contrasted heavily with the rapid fall down of the close by Fifth French Army.

Afterwards, sundry tales of angelic mediation began to be told. Some aforementioned it took the form of an supernatural being on a light-colored equid beside a colourful sword, who threw a contraceptive wrap in a circle the British. Others claimed to have seen Saint George, the customer god of England, whilst others claimed to have seen the Bowmen of Agincourt. No doubtfulness all was food grain to the industrial plant of the wheel doctors at the British War Office. In the fog of war they were beyond any doubt merry to perpetuate the story God was on the squad of the British, if for no another cause than to development recruitment.

It's riveting that the fairy tale of the Bowmen of Agincourt should also wall at that clip. Agincourt was a eminent British victory, in as good as luck of vastly uneven numbers, once the soiled English Army of King Henry V sweet-faced a far weapons-grade French Army on October 25th, 1415. That wonderful victory - also won in opposition large odds - was attributed to a cloudburst of arrows from angels. Probably soul to the legality was the certainty that the upwind was foul, having been raining for days, and the doughy horses carrying the heavily lightly armored French knights but got caught in the quagmire of the piece of ground and were slaughtered in enormous numbers by the much quick English archers and ft soldiers.

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