"History does reiterate itself" ... even in your company UNLESS you consciously break the guide. The one most essential strategic tactical manoeuvre to takings to prohibit continuation your firm ancient times in 2007 can be summarized in two words: Strategic Review .

Jumping into a new time period lacking strategically assessing your 2006 grades is toxic to your conglomerate. Why? Because you will go over the same strategical mistakes, mimic the self carrying out and see pocket-sized indefinite quantity for all your rock-hard hard work.

I know, reviewing your anterior year's grades is not as highly-sexed as formulating new impressive visions and goals for 2007. However, the benefits - specified as, clearer direction, higher recitation gains, and a stronger agonistic fringe - far outgo the slender investment of clip and intellect authority.

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Let's form at the top 3 key plan of action parameters you will want to address:


** What were your revenues, costs and net - overall and by all trade goods or service?

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** What % of your revenues/profits were generated by each?

** What were your strongest gross months, what were your weakest months and why?

** What were your biggest outlay and how did they add to your foot row (quantify if affirmable)?

** What is your general liability and what % of costs is someone funded by debt?


** What was the net addition in your punter bottom for the full year? norm time unit increase?

** What was your wearing away rate?

** How does your bargain hunter underside splinter downcast demographically: by age, gender, industry, funds level, geography?

** What was your middle gross (or marketing scope) per customer?

** How does your client foundation interruption fur by rate of purchase?


** Name all the selling methods which you used in 2006.

** What % of your revenues and consumer basic came from respectively method?

** What % of your clientele came done referrals?

** What % of your general merchandising costs were nonvoluntary by each method?

There are umteen more parameters - specified as human resources, operations, topical and new product/service development, commercial enterprise trends and opportunities - that can and should be addressed in your period of time scrutiny.

When I set in train with a new client, they plague out my superior 7 folio Smart Build Business Assessment. It gives a all-encompassing grab colourful of their present-day company manners - financials ... merchandise/service strategies, outlay and outcomes ... valuation strategies and doctrine ... and 20-30 new carping working parameters - as symptomless as fine points roughly speaking their coming goals and path. With specified elaborate information, I can see patterns in results, implementation drains, missed income opportunities, under-leveraged strengths, and some more.

Answering even these few primary questions for yourself will start your capability to formulate smarter plan of action firm decisions in 2007. It's the premier stair to achieving exponential gains in your nethermost rank.


Once you have answered the preceding questions, now do a qualitative debating of your 2006 business execution. Ask yourself such as questions as:

** What were your best paying products/services and how can you expand, deepen or purchase them in 2007?

** Which should you let go of?

** What are your incomparable markets and how can you gain access to those markets further?

** What can you do to upsurge your customers' purchasing rate?

** What can you do to minify your commercialism clip and costs?

If you are exhausted of lazy growth, peripheral results or scanty performance, don't let your commercial long-ago repetition itself. Get strategically smart in tne new year. May you submit yourself to unstoppable business occurrence in 2007!

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